Wallet/Emergency Card

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Wallet/Emergency Card

Emergency Monitoring Convenience

GDS' REMtrack dosimeter is a personnel radiation dosimeter designed for personnel who encounter radiation emergency situations. This whole body, laminated dosimeter comes in a convenient credit card size and is intended to monitor radiation doses for up to a year.


Fire fighters, police officers, EMI's, bomb squad, and other emergency personnel.

Any occupational worker who is not required to be monitored per 10CFR20.


bulletBar-coded for user identification and tracking
bulletWhole body dosimeter
bulletConvenient credit card size
bulletCan be customized with company logo
bulletSecond chip option
bulletChoice of wallet card, or clip-on badge
bulletUnique bar-code identification number insures accurate chain of custody


Name REMtrack Wallet Card
Dosimeter Type 1 or 2 chips of natural lithium flouride
Minimum Reportable Dose 20 mrem (0.20 mSv)
Lower Limit of Detection 6 mrem (0.06 mSv)
Useful Dose Range 20 mrem - 1000 rem (0.20 mSv - 10 Sv)
Photon Energy Response > 500 keV

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Click here to download the Wallet / Emergency Dosimeter data sheet.

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