Ring Dosimeters

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Ring Dosimeters

Superior Responsiveness and Construction

Perfect for those who handle radioisotopes or who perform interventional radiographic procedures, GDS ring dosimeters provide accurate readings of the radiation you are receiving. By regularly reviewing Exposure Reports you'll be able to monitor radiation levels and limit the amount of exposure to your hands.

GDS offers a choice of three sturdily constructed ring dosimeters.

  1. MeasuRing™

    The MeasuRing consists of one natural lithium fluoride TLD element and offers immersible, bar-coded single-piece construction so you can work with it anywhere, even in wet environments.

  2. LiF 1 chip Flex Ring

    The GDS Hard Ring dosimeter consists of one lithium fluoride element placed in a flexible plastic ring holder with velcro closure straps.

  3. Ultra Ring

    The new Ultra Ring offers a ruggedly strong holder that's more resistant to breaking with a single chip of natural lithuim flouride TLD 100.


For low energy beta, x-ray or gamma radiation monitoring of hands and fingers. (There are fourteen specific source and mixture calibration factors available).


MeasuRing Flex Ring Ultra Ring
Single use X X X
Can be worn under surgical gloves X   X
Bar-coded X X X
Individually calibrated X    
Can be cold sterilized X    
Available in various sizes and colors X    
Wear periods from 1 week to 1 year X X X



Name MeasuRing Flex Ring Ultra Ring
Dosimeter Type Natural lithium fluoride single TLD chip with calibration (TLD 100) Natural lithium fluoride single chip (TLD 100) Natural lithium fluoride single chip (TLD 100)
Minimum Reportable Dose 20 mrem
(0.20 mSv)
20 mrem
(0.20 mSv)
20 mrem
(0.20 mSv)
Useful Dose Range 20 mrem - 1000 rads
(0.20 mSv - 10 Gy)
20 mrem - 1000 rads
(0.20 mSv - 10 Gy)
20 mrem - 1000 rads
(0.20 mSv - 10 Gy)
Photon Energy Response 5 keV - 6 MeV 20 keV - 6 MeV 20 keV - 6 MeV
Beta (MAX) Energy Response 0.766 MeV - 5 MeV 1.71 Mev - 5 MeV 1.71 Mev - 5 MeV

Click here to download the Leak Test data sheet.


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