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High Dose

Exacting Measurements of Extreme Doses

The GDS High Dose Dosimeter reliably measures exposure for non-personnel working environments such as radiation therapy, research applications, equipment calibrations, or sterilization applications. The High Dose is the perfect measurement device in environments where radiation dose levels exist between 2 and 50,000 rads. A reliable LiF TLD chip offers excellent response, and is energy and dose independent for most levels up to 1,000 rads. Above that level, GDS employs optical density filters, which reduce the excessive amount of light TLDs emit, so the PM tube does not become saturated and assessment accuracy is assured.

Choose from three options:

  1. Type 11 (Holder Code HD)

    contains four radiation-sensitive elements found in each of the four corners of a sealed plastic case.

  2. Type 11 (Holder Code LC)

    provides four loose chips in a plastic bag, allowing you to place the desired number in the radiation beam for each requested analysis. The more chips used for each irradiation, the more accurate an assessment.

  3. Type 12 (Chipstrate Dosimeter)

    contains one radiation-sensitive element placed on a mylar bar-coded substrate.


Research and development facilities where doses are used to kill viruses and bacteria

Sterilization testing where high radiation doses are utilized

Environments where doses exceed 2 rads

Verification of calibrator doses


bulletEstablishes a permanent record of exposure
bulletUnique bar-code identification number insures accurate custody chain (Type 12)
bulletComprehensive and reliable dosimetry service ensures employee safety
bulletConvenience of three unique configurations


Name High Dose Dosimeter
Dosimeter Type Natural lithium fluoride TLD 100 chip
Minimum Reportable Dose 2 rads (20 mGy)
Useful Exposure Range 2 - 50,000 rads (20 mGy - 500 Gy)
Photon Energy Calibration 662 keV

Click here to download the High Dose data sheet.

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