Environmental TLD 100

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Environmental TLD 100 Dosimeter

Precision Reliability to Withstand the Toughest Environmental Stresses

GDS offers an environmental dosimeter that is well suited to monitor low-level gamma radiation and to withstand most intense environmental situations. This dosimeter is designed for outdoor application and may be used to measure radiation for site characterization, at site boundaries for regulatory compliance, and to monitor public exposure. The GDS Environmental Thermoluminescent dosimeter, encased in a holder that protects against moisture, provides quick attachment to fences, gates, trees, or other objects in the environment.


Measurement and reporting of exposure that is directly caused by specific facility operations for photons.


bulletThermoluminescent dosimeter element
bulletOutdoor usage
bulletPolypropylene holder and tamper-resistant
bulletOther holder options available


Name Environmental TLD 110
Dosimeter Type 2 chips of natural lithium flouride
2 chips of calcium flouride (under lead)
Lower Limit of Detection 5 mR/month
(0.05 mGy/month),
10 mR/qtr (0.10 mGy/qtr)
Useful Exposure Range 5 mR - 500 R (0.05 mGy - 5 Gy)

Accreditation Logos

ANSI N545 - 1975

Click here to download the Environmental TLD Dosimeter data sheet.

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