CR39 Neutron Dosimeter

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CR39 Neutron Dosimeter

Complete Monitoring for Intermediate and Fast Neutron Detection

In facilities where employees work with neutron generators or Linear Accelerator Cyclotrons, the CR39 provides accurate exposure determinations. The CR39 may be used separately for neutron detection, or in conjunction with other dosimeters such as the GDS Film and TLD whole body dosimeters. Exposure to neutrons cannot be detected by film and requires a specific calibration for TLD dosimeters. The GDS CR39 neutron dosimeter is energy independent and a practical and convenient way to accurately monitor exposure to intermediate and fast neutron radiation.


Occupational radiation workers who work at a linear accelerator, cyclotron facility, or are exposed to fast neutrons 5 MeV. (Energies greater than 10 MeV must have a site-specific calibration performed).


bulletEstablishes a permanent record of exposure.
bulletCan be combined with a number of different dosimeters, or used alone.
bulletEnergy independent.
bulletResponds to intermediate and fast neutrons.
bulletAccurate image analysis counting system.
bulletEnergy spectrum analysis is capable if used in conjunction with a GDS Thermoluminescent dosimeter.
bulletWear periods from 1 week to 1 year.
bulletComputer-controlled automatic counting system provides objective, error-free dose assessments.


Name CR39
Dosimeter Type Plastic Nuclear track detector
Minimum Reportable Dose 20 mrem (0.20 mSv)
Useful Dose Range 20 mrem - 5 rem (0.20 mSv - 50 mSv)
Neutron Energy Response 150 keV - 10 MeV
Higher energies with specific calibration

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Click here to download the CR39 Neutron Dosimeter data sheet.

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