Atomlab 930 Thyroid Uptake

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Atomlab 950 Thyroid Uptake
Atomlab 930 Thyroid Uptake

Atomlab 930 Thyroid Uptake System

Complete, mobile, self-contained system:
bulletKeyboard controlled microprocessor with LCD display and serial printer
bullet256-channel microprocessor-controlled Multi-Channel Analyzer
bulletPrograms for thyroid uptake, wipe test, Schilling test, bioassay, manual MCA
bullet2" x 2" NaI(Tl) detector with collimated shield (meets IAEA specifications)
bulletDistance measurement rod (detector-to-patient)
bulletSeparate connections for probe and optional well counter for fast, convenient changeover
bulletMobile stand with variable-height counterbalanced arm (for seated or supine subjects)


Comprehensive Atomlab Testing and Utility Programs:
Thyroid Uptake Program
bulletSupports multiple time-stamped uptake measurements
bulletAuto decay correction (or recount of standard)
bulletOutputs reports, stores data on 25 patients (up to 4 studies each)
Wipe Test Program
bulletComplies with current regulatory standards
bulletAutomatic subtraction of background activity
bulletCalculates and reports individual wipe data on multiple wipe locations in user-defined areas
Schilling Test Program with Reports for use with kits by Mallinckrodt, Bracco, Nycomed
Amersham (Dicopac)
Bioassay Program with Report for employees and/or patients
Manual MCA Program with Report for performing sample counts and analysis beyond the scope of the standardized programs
bulletPre-programmed with 7 commonly used isotopes – I-123, I-125, I-131, Co-57, Cr-51,
Tc-99m, Cs-137
bulletProvision to add a user-defined isotope, and to change any pre-programmed isotope’s
region of interest

System Administration / Quality Assurance Program:

bulletAutomatic daily calibration to Cs-137 source, with report
bulletAutomatic high voltage adjustment
bulletAutomatic power up and self test - All reports include facility name and address
bulletAutomatic Chi-Square using Cs-137 with report


The Atomlab 930 is a versatile and cost-effective spectrum analysis system for performing uptake studies, bioassays, Schilling tests, wipe tests, and other user-defined tasks in the nuclear medicine environment. Engineered for portability, durability, and efficiency, the 930 handles an array of clinical tests, safety compliance tasks, and system administration/QA procedures. A powerful microprocessor guides the user through procedures, automatically performs necessary calculations, and outputs clear, concise reports. The system’s internal memory stores results on up to twenty-five patients (up to four studies per patient).

The self-contained 930 system is configured on a mobile platform with locking casters and a base that measures only 30" by 31.5" (76 x 80 cm). A 2-tiered shelf supports the microprocessor/keyboard and printer. The base of the stand has a special shelf to hold an optional well counter. A 2" x 2" NaI(Tl) detector with collimator articulates on a counterbalanced arm. Twenty-two inches (56 cm) of vertical travel allows the probe to be positioned up to 55" (140 cm) from the floor to accommodate seated or supine patients. The probe swings more than 180° on the horizontal plane, and extends outward up to approximately 34" (86 cm) from the support column. This design makes positioning for uptake studies simple and comfortable for both patient and technologist, and allows the unit to be easily moved for a variety of applications or storage. The system’s multi-channel analyzer has 256 channels, with separate inputs connections for the probe and optional well counter. The system’s embedded software has specialized programs for thyroid uptake, bioassay, wipe test, Schilling test, manual (user-defined) rate counts, system administration and quality assurance, and start-up self test. Programs print out concise, easily interpreted reports.



Multi-Channel Analyzer
Channels: 256
Inputs: Probe and well
Spectral Resolution: FWHM 10%
Count Rate: (Maximum) 100,000 cps
Count Rate Stability: 99%
Gross Count Rate Linearity: Within 5% up to 100,000 cps
Pulse Height Linearity: Within 2% (independent of detector)
Connectors: Signal (BNC); high voltage (MHV)
Power Supply: Regulated from 775-1225 VDC at 2 mAmps
Detector High Voltage Adjustment: Automatic H.V. adjustment for both
probe & well. Uses 10 µCi Cs-137 as the calibration source.
Amplifier Gain: Automatic/User-defined. Contains built in pre-amplifier for direct connection to tube base. Automatic gain switching with isotope selection: 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 48
Radionuclide: Seven pre-selected radionuclides: I-123, I-125, I-131, Co-57, Cr-51, Tc-99m and Cs-137. Also one user-identified isotope selection.
Energy Level Discriminators: Preset/User-defined LLD-ULD.
Preset Time: 0-9999 seconds
Clock Speed: 10 MHz (MCA)
Display: LCD 2 Line
Viewing Area: 154 mm w x 15.3 mm h
Characters: 3.2 mm w x 4.85 mm h
Printer Output Port: RS-232 serial port

MCA Processor: DSP, 10 M.I.P.S.
Micro Controller: 12 MHz
(keyboard, display, printer)
Dimensions: 12" w x 14" l x 3.5" h (31 x 36 x 9 cm)
Weight: 8 lb (3.6 kg)
Power: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Printer: Serial Printer with 32K memory


Programs: Thyroid Uptake, Wipe Test, Bioassay, Schilling Test, Administration/QA, Manual MCA

Factory Programmed Buttons: I-123, I-125, I-131, Co-57, Cr-51, Tc-99m, Cs-137 and one user defined
Wipe Test Software Choices: Am-241, Au-198, BA-133, Co-57, Co-58, Co-60, Cr-51, Cs-137, Fe-59, Ga-67, Hg-197, Hg-203, I-123, I-125, I-131, In-111, Ir-192, K-42, Na-24, Pd-103, Se-75, Sr-85, Tc-99m, TI-201, Yb-169 and 5 user defined isotopes


Probe: 2" x 2" Nal (TI) integral line scintillation detector with tube base

Uptake Stand:
Dimensions: 39" l x 30" w x 62" h (99.1 x 76.2 x 157.5 cm)
Arm: Counterbalanced, two section arm, moves 22.5" vertically and extends
34 " horizontally from stand's vertical column.
Casters: 3" maxi-lok
Weight: 296 lb (134.3 kg)


Well Counter:
Detector: 2" x 2" Nal (TI) integral line detector with a .75" diameter x 1.44" deep well (1.9 x 3.7 cm)
Lead Shielding: 1" thick (2.5 cm)
Cover: .125" thick (.32 cm) lead
Connectors: Signal (BNC), high voltage (MHV)

Well Counter:

Lead Shielding: 2" thick (5 cm)
Cover: .125" thick (.32 cm)

ETL Listed to UL 2601 Std. and CAN CSA C22.2 No. 601.1-M90 and CE marked.


187-010 Thyroid Uptake System, Atomlab 930, Mobile
Mobile System includes:
• 256 Channel Multi-Channel Analyzer with printer
• 2" x 2" Tube Assembly and Base
• Mobile Support Stand with Collimator
187-020 Thyroid Uptake System, Atomlab 930,
Table Top
Table Top System includes:
• 256 Channel Multi-Channel Analyzer with printer
• 2" x 2" Tube Assembly and Base
• Table Top Stand with Collimator


187-246 Well Counter, 1" lead (2.5 cm) $1,895.00
187-256 Well Counter, 2" lead (5 cm) 2,595.00
187-015 Voltage Configuration, 230V
For 187-010
no charge
187-025 Voltage Configuration, 230V
For 187-020
no charge
Must be purchased with Thyroid Uptake System.


063-139 Rod Source, Cs-137, Calibrated, 0.1 µCi $275.00
063-100 Rod Source Set
Includes Ba-133, Cs-137, Co-57, Na-22, Mn-54, Co-60 and Cd-109
101-103 Check Source, Cs-137, 10 µCi
Uncalibrated, 1" dia x .25" thick (2.5 x .64 cm)
187-912 Stand, Printer
For 187-020

Conditions of Purchase

  atomlab 930 thyroid uptake system

The Table Top System is self-contained, requiring a minimal amount of counterspace. The 256 channel MCA is built into the Atomlab 930.



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