Mark V ProVis

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MRI Injector
Mark V ProVis
MR Syringe Loader

MEDRAD is the worldwide leader in production of vascular injection systems for diagnostic or interventional procedures. MEDRAD Mark Vs™ are used in Cardiology and Angiography laboratories around the world. Our injection systems have earned a reputation for delivering contrast to both pediatric and adult patients reliably, easily, and safely.

Mark V ProVis®
The Mark V ProVis, MEDRAD's latest Angiographic injection system, continues the tradition of high quality, reliability, and service established with the original Mark V Plus™.

  Angiography Syringes and Disposables
MEDRAD's disposable products consist primarily of high pressure, large volume syringes, most of which are used with MEDRAD's injection systems as well as competitive injection systems in the delivery of contrast media. MEDRAD also manufactures other related disposable products including needles, Quick Fill®, and connecting tubes.


MARK V PROVIS® is the latest in the series of microprocessor-controlled Angiographic Injection Systems from MEDRAD. While featuring the same reliability, safety, ease of use and performance of its predecessor, the Mark V Plus™, the Mark V ProVis adds a selection of enhanced features. The integrated pedestal configuration now includes a rotating, tilting control panel and articulating arm for increased ease of use. The Mark V ProVis also features MEDRAD's exclusive mechanical stop that automatically sets and locks to physically limit an injection to the selected volume. Available worldwide
Features and Benefits
bulletExclusive mechanical stop to minimize risk of over-injection
bulletArticulating arm extends reach for ease in positioning close to patient
bulletHeight adjustable arm for ease in loading syringes
bulletRotating, tilting control panel is easy to see and read from almost any position in the room
bulletMultiple syringe configurations (60/150 ml - 150/150 ml - 200/200 ml) help to match the right syringe size with the patient and procedure
bulletFloor, ceiling or wall mount options add flexibility
bulletSegmented control panel is easy to learn and operate
bullet"One Touch" enable button and variable speed control for fast loading and easy delivery


bulletClick to view or download Mark V ProVis specifications

Product Models

Medrad Mark V ProVis Injection System Description
Catalog Number
PPD 110 60 507
Basic pedestal model, 110 V, 60 HZ, dual 150 ml Syringe Turret and Pressure Jackets; 7 ft (2.13 m) head cable.

System Includes:
Articulating Arm
Rotating, tilting Control Panel
Handswitch with Coiled Cable
PRM 110 60 510 Rack Mount model, 110 V, 60 Hz, dual 150 ml Syringe Turret and Pressure Jackets, 10 ft. (3.05 m) head cable.

System Includes:
-Control Room Console
-Remote Control Panel
-Handswitch with Coiled Cable
-RMH 100 Table Top Kit
-Auxiliary Start Switch
Also available: 220 V, 50 Hz, 60/150 ml or dual 200 ml Syringe Turret and Pressure Jackets, 7 ft (2.13 m), 10 ft (3.05 m) and 15 ft (4.57 m) head cable. Contact us for appropriate catalog numbers.
Product Downloads
> Product Brochure (English) | (español)


Mounting Options
> Overhead Counterpoise System (OCS)
> OCS Room Planning Guide (Multi-lingual | 3.8Mb)
> Adjustable T-Rail Table Bracket

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