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Advanced Real Time Dosimeter Technology

GDS offers a trio of dependable real time electronic dosimeters for immediate radiation monitoring detection. These sturdy dosimeters respond accurately to nuclear plant environments where immediate personal monitoring is crucial. A top mounted LCD display clearly shows dose or dose rates.

The DMC 2000 S features flat energy response to X-rays and gamma fields from 50 keV to 6 MeV. The enhanced DMC 2000 X measures, stores, and displays deep dose equivalent Hp (10) and features a flat response over all practical X-ray and gamma ray ranges. The fully-featured DMC 2000 XB simultaneously measures, stores, and displays both deep dose equivalent Hp (10) and shallow dose equivalent Hp (0.07), as well as, covers a flat response over all practical X-ray and gamma ray ranges.

DMC 2000 S
DMC 2000 X
DMC 2000 XB

Click here to download the Electronic Personnel Dosimeter data sheet.

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